Various festivals of Muslim community in Kerala

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In Kerala as in other parts of the world, , Id-ul-Zuha (Arabic) or Bakrid dawns with the resounding of Thakbir (Allahu Akbar), the declaration that God is great. Every Muslim house wakes up with the spirit of sacrifice and festivity. Men, women and children, dress themselves in their best attire and reciting the Thakbir, proceed to the Id-Gah which is the wide open space set apart for public prayers.
The whole atmosphere is filled with the resonance of "Allahu-Akbar". The Assembly then prepares for the congregational prayer led by the Imam. After the ceremonial Id prayer, the leader addresses the devotees, exhorting them to be conscious of their duties to God and follow the example of Abraham.
With the completion of the prayer and the sermon, the gathering exchange greetings and as an expression of affectionate brotherhood, hug each other. The festivity continues at homes with celebratory feasts and social visits.
Muslim women in Kerala pay visits to the neighboring homes and take part in singing and dancing. In the evenings, special meetings are held in which members of non-Islamic communities participate. Such meetings are perfect examples of the spirit of tolerance and mutual friendship that exist between communities in the state.
A Kerala Tourism must definitely be made to coincide with few of these festivals. :)
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