VBulletin 3.7

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I've been running a beta version on another site for a while and it's got some really nice features :)

I'll upgrade this site as soon as it's been released and people have had a chance to break it badly :) (or if I have some free time .. whichever comes first!)
does it work with vbSEO ?
I'm waiting to upgrade mine, to buy a new license and to upgrade some clients installs.
I have upgraded. No issues so far with the exception of those that would require a change to the VBSEO template, e.g. the new member profile page and social networking pages.


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If you're using the VBSeo sitemap you need to make a small change, but apart from that it's fairly seamless

The guys in VBseo have also released a new version (RC at this stage) to take advantage of some of the new options in Vbulletin.

In any case I upgraded here about a week ago, so you can see some of the new features in play.

Unfortunately some of the older plugins are not compatible

Others have been rendered unnecessary, as their functionality or something similar to it is now available within VB