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Discussion in 'Coding Help' started by junior, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. junior

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    I've got a bit of bother - I've got a style for a Vbulletin forum that I want to use through out a website, but the style is a fixed width. Whats the easiest way to make this a fluid width style ?

    The XML file is a tad incomprehensible to me ...


  2. Cormac

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    go to you admincp
    style and templates
    select your template and go to edit
    then look for "Main Table Width (pixels or percentage)" and select 800px or whatever you want.

    I have my Blacknight.ie.: Client Centre - Client Login (use the link below....) set to 800px in width, the template i'm using is actually the same template as the one on this forum (default), i just changed the width some css values.

    Blaa.ie Community Forum - Powered by vBulletin

    EDIT: Michele, everytime i put in a link, it gets messed up badly. It could be that i'm using the beta release of Firefox, i'm not sure. It happened before with that "untitled document" link too.
  3. mneylon

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    Rollo - if you want to put in html code or references use the
    [code]tag or whatever[/code]

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