Vps hosting for wordpress site?

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Hi All
I plan on setting up a site soon and would like to get vps hosting with blacknight but i was wondering can i install wordpress from the back end, simple scrips(or can you get cpanel)

I plan on getting the VPS Basic package and need to know if this could handle the traffic to the site as i plan on getting radio and ppc advertising a week or two after launch.

Cheers :)



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If you get a VPS with Plesk there's an autoinstaller, though if you're only running one site with a blog and little else a control panel might be overkill ..
I had a look at plesk there, it looks straight forward enough.. Just one more thing is it possible to upgrade the package i have if i need to?
Thanks again.
cheers for the info, i'll be getting the vps basic to start with. Hopefully the programmer will be finished with my site by next week and i can get started.
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