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Hello everyone,

I am looking to develop a small site from scratch that I have. I'll put here my notes on what I'm looking for.
My budget isn't large but I realise also that if you want something done correctly then you have to pay for quality.
I have tried elance before for different projects and this time I think I'd prefer to hire locally.
*single site - once off project.
*skills needed HTML, CSS, credit card payment gateway,wordpress
*only ecommerce is credit card payment facility, i need guidance on which one to choose.
*no CMS or newsletters or ads or blogs or any backend
*maybe a good wordpress site would do the trick but i don't know for sure, i just don't know this technology too well..
*some seo
*multiple language support for French,German,Spanish (i do all the translation & content, i just need the pages)
*Facebook integration

This is a site that won't be updated too often.
My Website hires boats (to clarify for privacy, not boats but close enough) out to anyone for short term
Main page will have tab'd menu such as (not written in stone)

HOME|Products|Prices|FaQ|Support|Manage my booking|About|Testamonials|Terms&Conditions|Community|DeliveryInformation|SecureShoping
Video View Booking Contact Us
Change Booking Request a callback
Phone opening times

and main page will have a big calandar where you choose the dates you want to hire the boat, they type of boat you want, and the location
where you are taking the boat to. Once the user selects that criteria then they submit it, they get to review their order, if they are happy they buy if they agree to terms.
They pay with credit card and they also get a charge for a deposite on their credit card.
That's all there is to it.
I get and email with the order. I dont need to update the order status on the site.
Don't allow booking if the dates conflict with someone else's booking and there no stock left.
as nice to have, Later they can view and change or cancel their order if they want ( they can do that by inputing their order number, or whatever is the easiest, cheapest solution...)
There will be no more then 2 or 3 short 5 min videos of me showing people how to use the boat hosted on the site.
I will write the main content like the privacy policy,terms,faq product details and so on. I just need to know how to format it.
also on the main page i want a graphic showing the steps people have to do to order - like how they are done on some video rental sites e.g gameclickdotie "simple 3 steps to buy" etc..
also a graphic with my phone and support contact email & phone and finally a decent/appropiate consistent theme ...

Web development is not my area of expertise so I hope I have given a good picture of the basics but just ask if you want clarification on what i described.

to be ready in 4 weeks.
budget - I have to keep it low cause its a new business but i can do more than 400
next steps : if your interested send me
b)a link to your portfolio.

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