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I would like some help and information on my new website The site is live for 5 weeks. It is an ecommerce website selling pet products. I am basicially after the irish market and have a cpc on google and generally the cpc generates 60 clicks daily and overall google analytics shows 150 aprox daily and its growing. I rolled out .co.uk and .com last week and hits are improving daily. The organic listings are not bad - 1st and 2nd page on google.ie depending and the search term and for google.com its way down the listings (page 12). I have a cpc running on yahoo uk & irl and this brings in the uk visitors.

Basicially I don't know if its early days, what kind of ratio of sales : visit is normal. I have a lot more linking to do and to change the titles in the alt tags and use keywords in the heading tags. Should I be pumping money into cpc!

I eagerly await your reply.

Thank you
Setting up E-commerce Site

I looking to set-up E-Commerce site, can anybody tell what a good site will cost and who is best companies at setting up E-Commerce sites

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