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  1. ugur01

    ugur01 New Member

    Hi lads
    im new on your forum.
    im head on change my server and hosting
    im going to try Webhost.ie
    Is there any recommandation for this company?
  2. davidbehan

    davidbehan New Member

  3. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    basic package seems quite pricey

    edit: I should say budget ... :D
  4. ugur01

    ugur01 New Member


    Thanks lads for ur advise
    is there any more recommandation
    because i would like get server and keep 10-20 domain on 1 server?
  5. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

  6. ugur01

    ugur01 New Member

    yeah i was checking to hosting365 and i heard some bad comments and i checked blacknight and see one micro packet which i can host 25 web address
    which is okay for my business at moment?
    i m looking private
    Thanks forbairt
  7. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    I host with webhost.ie and am quite happy with them. They are a great company to deal with, very fast customer support and excellent hosting. But their a tad expensive alright.
  8. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    hosting365 have had a few instances of outages over the last year ... 2 spring to mind.

    People with dedicated servers that are doing business seem to be quite ****ed about that. Most hosting companies will have some down time though. Last was due to a power **** up I believe which caused the coolers to shut down.

    The one I use in the US unfortunately had a ridiculously amount though they are one of the biggest in the world so .. go figure. Hence I made the move of most critical things to Ireland .. also its better in terms of SEO
  9. ugur01

    ugur01 New Member

    also i prefer to spend to money what ever country i made
    i spend there as well:)))
  10. raul

    raul New Member

    On my personal experience,after hosting loads of websites on loads of hosts I can say that ,for the last 2 years , I'm happy with what I found.
    Bluehost. I know is in States but I never ever had any problem with them.Apart from being able to host unlimited domains they offer pretty much everything somebody might want ( with really good support too - unusual for a US hosting comp.)
    With the $ -€ rate exchange now their price is excellent too...around € 50.00/yr

    Hope this post is not considered Spam or free ad so if you want just have a look to the company I said above.

  11. ugur01

    ugur01 New Member

    hi Raul
    which is bl;uehost look great reall cool and give lots
    How many domain u keeping in your hosting now for example?
    Because i would be keep 5-10 web side in same hosting
    are u getting any diffuclty
  12. raul

    raul New Member

    You've got a PM with the answer.
  13. Streamingflv

    Streamingflv New Member

    I would recommend taking a look at Letshost.ie. they have a great service and support with very stable servers. I have been using letshost.ie for the past 2 years with two differnet hosting accounts and never had a problem that they didnt help resolve.

  14. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

    I've used Webhost for one of my sites for around the last 6 years or so. The service has always been great but they're fairly expensive considering what you can get these days. At the moment I'm paying about €30 a quarter when I could pay €35 per annum with Blacknight.

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