Webmasters, earn up to 75% selling Emergency Soft's must have softwares!

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Dear webmasters,

My name is Samuel, I am Sales Manager at Emergency Soft. We are running a special promotion for our affiliates.

Here is the list of our products:

  • Online TVx $39.95/$14.95 (Watch and listen over 7300 TV and Radio channels).
  • History Killer Pro $24.95 (Erases everything you do on the computer that may put your privacy at risk).
  • Sitemap Writer Pro $24.95 (Creates Google sitemaps with millions URLs).
  • RSS Channel Writer $24.95 (Creates, edits and submits RSS channels).
  • Submit RSS $14.95 (Submits RSS feed to over 105 directories).
  • Alive Bookmark $14.95 (Advanced bookmarking tool).
  • Web Archive Downloader $19.95 (Downloads from the Internet Archive).
  • Mobile Online TVx $9.95 (Watch mobile TV on Mobile phone).
Here are the advantages of cooperating with us:

  1. You earn 50% commission from each sales. Sign Up as our affiliate at RegNow.com. After go to Vendors/Relationships. You will see the name of our company: Emergency Soft, click on it and you will get the list of our products and your affiliate links of that products. (Please, after signing up as our affiliate send me your affiliate ID at RegNow.com, in order me to be able to change your affiliate commission from 30% to 50%).
  2. If you sell more that 50 licenses for any of our products, we will rise your affiliate commission from 50% to 75% for that product.
  3. We create custom build versions of our softwares after which they will include your affiliate links inside, they may also include you logo, so when a user downloads a software from your website and after trying the trial version decides to buy it, he will make the purchase through your affiliate link, so you will earn your 50% commission any way and there is no time limit, your affiliate link will always be included in the software.
  4. Backlink from product website.
  5. If our software isn’t submitted to your website yet, we will give you either PAD files of our products, or send you descriptions or any other information you may need.
  6. There are no standard rules for cooperating, if you do well, we will rise you commission rate.

Looking foreward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Sales Manager
Emergency Soft
Skype samuel.emergencysoft
samuel [@] emergencysoft.com
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