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It was discussed briefly - but now I am looking for information on the following

1. Can anyone show me where the EU directives are governing websites that must adhere to accessible guidelines

2. And also how do you test for accessibility if you dont have a screen reader, etc

3. Which is better accessible site - or accesible version of a site?
However this got me thinking - since this is a very specialised area - what design companies in Ireland offer this kind of service - making accessible and WAI compliant websites?
I've been doing a lot of research in this area and its something I'm very interested in and its an area my company ( is hoping to get into.

Some tools I've found useful:
Firefox plugin in called Fang - lets you view sites as a Site Reader would read them - standard Accessibilty validation (used to be called Bobby)

Tools will only go so far though as a lot of 'rules' can only be checked by a human.

There are plenty of info sites out there but i'm finding it hard to get info on Irish and EU Legislation as well. Both Irish and EU gov sites talk about accessibilty but they dont point to accesssiblity specific laws except for the The Employment Equality Act (1998) and the Equality Status Act (2000) which deal with general discrimination against the disabled.
Not open for further replies.
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