Website load time of 17 seconds (!) but can't figure out why?

Discussion in 'Server / Technical Administration Tips and Queries' started by musicformedia, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out why my website load time is really small. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I've enabled minify, setup Cloudflare, defered javscript to load at the footer etc. Still taking forever ‚Äčto load the website?

    Here it is on pingdom:

    Website speed test
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  2. musicformedia

    musicformedia New Member

    Nevermind, it was a rogue plugin :( I had installed a custom made plugin that I hired someone to make for me, but it totally fucked up the whole site :(
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Badly written plugins => huge number of MySQL queries => slow website
  4. jeffscott

    jeffscott Member

    In addition, aside from huge number of MySQL queries videos are also one of the cause of slow page loading as well as the frames within the page/s.

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