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Hi David

From a quick glance at the website I would have the following comments.

On first glance it looked like a tourist site. I would use the landing graphic of someone actually speaking Irish. Could you get a YouTube of an American giving a video testimonial of how they learned their first words in Irish. This would be powerful for people arriving on the site. I think you need to emphasize the US side of things - god forbid an American flag but some visual between Ireland / US to show the target market.

I would work the social media side of things - network with educational institutes - Irish clubs in the US - GAA Clubs in the US (there are a lot of them) reach out and show the added value that you would bring to them. Even Irish bars there are lots of them. Send the bars coasters with a fun phrase and a link to a Facebook site for them to link to. Funny graphic and the phrase.... perhaps even sell them on the site yourself.

At site level it is a little difficult to see why people should buy or sign up with you. I would think about perhaps getting a graphic designer to do upa poster with 10 Irish Phrases that everyone should know with visuals and the phonetic meanings (not necessarily Póg mo Thóin either but fun / serious ones)

On a basic note at site level it is difficult for the visitor to see why they should dump some money on Paypal with as it is not clear what they would get. I would have a questionnaire asking for their details and their language experience / ability./ You currently have this on the back page I would style a nice from front and centre.

Show some sample materials so people can touch and feel.

Ultimately I would make this more a sales site than a static information site. There are not enough Calls to Action (if any?) on the site encouraging interaction.


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Very good suggestions folks :}. Thanks much! I'm going to have a professional design the site soon. In the meantime, I've added a FAQ page with the privacy policy, added more contact information, and I changed the picture on the landing page to fit the idea of teaching a language. A survey is on the front page as well.


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Echoing what Kieran said, the layout is nice but it completely misses mark on type of the website you are striving for. Working with a designer should no doubt prove beneficial. In addition to video testimonials and social media there should be a demo course or at least sample materials. Finally, in terms of SEO there should be more content with better keyword density and consistency. Keywords metatag is no longer used by search engines. I checked your website with iwebchk and some technical issues came up, for example:
- no language declaration
- HTML markup validation errors
- missing favicon.

For more details see your report, here is a link to it: | Comprehensive Website Review - Analysis | iwebchk

Good luck!


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Thank you for the detailed review dxter :}. I"ll make sure to share these concerns with the new website designer. As I think on it, I better stick to the marketing for the Irish-American audience only. It might be easier that way.



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Hello again :},

I just updated the front page of the website so it reflects the types of services I offer, and I plan to add worksheet samples soon!


Your testimonials are strong. Put them in a separate tab.

Put in much more information about yourself and your background -- and photos of yourself in an Irish setting.

Take a look at some competitive sites in your area -,, Eircom StudyHub ... and see the elements that they are using to market their services.


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Hello again,

The website is updated :} The following changes have been added:

1. New design
2. The Logo is added
3. Worksheets are added(Except one due to a website error)
4. A blog is added

After much thought the homepage is a mixture of what I offer, my testimonials, and some benefits of learning Irish.


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The website is simple to use which is good. However I did notice that the service rate for twelve week was 130usd and six weeks at 64usd. It would be cheaper for some to purchase 2 six weeks rather than 1 twelve week package. I would also have the option for the 3 week stating this in the drop down menu rather that changing from weeks to lessons.


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Hi David, yeah that's better now, options are more uniformed and the pricing structure way better. Entices the customer to paid that little bit more to get value for money. If you have any spare time check out my new website which sells beds mattresses and furniture. All the best with your business, great idea.

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