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Discussion in 'Coding Help' started by Random Access Memory, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Where can i get some coding for part of a website that constantly updates itself with new information as it comes in or is added that updates without the need for the viewer to refresh their screen.

    I suppose what i am talking about is when football match comentarys are live in your browser in text form and they are live with the latest info without refreshing.

    I just want this feature so i can add it into a static page.
  2. php.allstar

    php.allstar New Member

    Hi, you need a web developer (of which, I'm one of many on this forum) to integrate the feed using ajax, which results in refreshless browsing...
  3. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Do you mean a ticker or news feed?
  4. paul

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