What Are Your Favourite Social Media Tools / Services?

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If you were asked, which tools / services for social media would you recommend?

Which ones are your favourites?


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I found this article Top 10 Social Media Tools to Find Your Referral Champions, some of the tools look interesting.

1. Flowtown – All you need is an email address to get social data on a contact.
2. RapLeaf – This tool started as a monitoring tool and now offers full appending.
3. Xeesm – A bit more comprehensive search lots of networks and creates a Social Address Book.
4. BatchBook – Full featured online CRM tool was one of the first to bake social appending into the mix.
5. ACT!2010 – The simple desktop CRM allows you to add social data right into records.
6. Outlook 2010 – With the addition of something called the Outlook Social Connector you can add social data to Outlook.
7. Xobni – A popular Outlook plugin that brings social CRM functionality to Outlook.
8. Rapportive – Social CRM built into GMail.
9. SocialCRM for Salesforce – Add on to Salesforce.com to bring social data into records.
10. Twitter Export – Export all of your Twitter followers and then add them to tools above.


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The only social media tool I use is onlywire. There are probably better tools available but this does the job for me.
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