What Do You Use For Your Blog?

Discussion in 'Blogs & Blogging' started by mneylon, Aug 19, 2006.


What do you use for your blog?

  1. Wordpress (installed on your own domain)

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  2. Wordpress.com (service)

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  3. Movable Type

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  4. Blogger

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  5. Typepad

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  6. Other Service

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  7. Other Software

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    As it doesn't cache the content every single page rendered = multiple db queries
  2. jasonweiyer

    jasonweiyer New Member


    I use WordPress, its great....
  3. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    ok this really is a resurrected thread now :D

    Wordpress / Movable Type / Textpattern

    dropping textpattern though as its a bit of a DB hog I find with all the queries (could be an issue with the host its on as well though)

    Wordpress does have a caching plugin but I've not used it just yet. I will be though shortly.

    Once you realise wat Movable Type is doing though its pretty amazing :) and I'll say a lot of people will be switching.
  4. Fiodor

    Fiodor New Member

    Drupal for me.
    A lot of additional modules available.
    Allow users to post their blogs if i will allow and more
  5. kjt

    kjt New Member

    WP for me :)
  6. how-to-fiend

    how-to-fiend New Member

    Use blogger and wordpress. More fond of WP. I could never get the hang of Drupal.
  7. Anouilh

    Anouilh New Member

    I've worked out a system that allows for sharing photo between Wordpress, Blogger and Flickr. Flickr has a "Blog This" feature which allows for posting directly to either Blogger or Wordpress, which saves time and energy. I've also taken to importing posts from Blogger into my Wordpress blog, which means finding a new audience. Some people never post comments to Blogger, but choose to comment in Wordpress. Frankly, I find it all a bit mysterious.
  8. josefzh

    josefzh New Member

    I use wordpress.org. It's the best. no other platform comes close in my opinion. Blogger is easy to use but if you want your blog to go places then you have to get off on the right step and i think that that is wordpress.
  9. Hafsoh

    Hafsoh New Member

    I use self hosted wordpress. WordPress is amazing, you can do so much with such simplicity!
  10. Alerner

    Alerner Member

    Wordpress on own domain

    Use Wordpress on my own domain but concerned re recent attacks on worms which seem to get through easily
  11. Gossip Junkie

    Gossip Junkie New Member

    I use wordpress platform for all my blogs.
  12. mccomf

    mccomf New Member

    I use wordpress on all of my blogs.Its simple to maintain and good for SEO.
  13. breik

    breik Guest

    Mostly Wordpress, sometimes Joomla and LiveJournal.
  14. Ciprian

    Ciprian New Member

    WordPress self-hosted and several home-made (and hand-made) custom CMS's.

    I never use Joomla. It's bulky and bloated.
  15. Beno27

    Beno27 New Member

    Wordpress on own domain every single time!
  16. walter

    walter New Member

    Wordpress all the way for me. I'm not as technically savvy as I would like to be in regards to programming and coding, and the sheer amount of the various add-ons, themes, widgets, and God knows what else that is on offer for people who use Wordpress is very convenient for me. Easy to find, easy to install. I tend to keep my webpages simple, too, so none of the issues caused by lots of SQL queries like mneylon said.
  17. Asif

    Asif New Member

    Hello there,

    I use ENV2 as my blogging platform. Its by Empower Network LLC and its really good. Its also gives you an automated online business blog where you can build up your business instantly. To visit my blog on this platform its Empower Network - Make Money Online with Asif Ayub

  18. WordPress on own domain all the way! Sometimes I experiment on blogger though!
  19. flatworlds

    flatworlds Guest

    I user Wordpress on my own hosts. It's easy to use for me.
  20. unrealindeed

    unrealindeed Administrator Staff Member

    WordPress (installed on a domain). I have a few installs of Joomla (I wont mention what version o_O) that need to be converted to WordPress soon.

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