What is the best FREE Online Invoicing Software?

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After learning that my reliable intuit billing manager is being discontinued this September, I am looking for a similar free online solution that stores my clients, products etc and allows me to create invoices, recurring invoices, track outstanding invoices, send receipts & invoices/remainders online at the push of a button.

I have been researching this but have not yet found any solution that I am happy with. Would like to know what other companies freelancers use?

I have read through the treads, and I amn thinking we should try come up with a definitive list of free/cheap reliable software like intuit billing manager was...
I used Intuit Billing in the past and a number of Open Source PHP solutions that you need to configure and install on your own server. Four months ago I signed up with Harvest (Simple Online Time Tracking, Timesheet and Invoicing Software - Harvest). I find it the best by far, although it isn't free. $12 a month is hardly going to break the bank for such a robust system. It has a time tracking feature which I don't have a need for at the moment and integrates with a large number of online business solutions that have APIs. You can get a month free trial, which I would recommend you do to test drive the system. I'm sure you'll find it far superior than what you were used to with Intuit.


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Hi Rob,

Thank you for your reply,
I will try it & see how I get on, I am also looking into curdbee, as it works out at $50 per year. At the moment, I have to try and keep my overheads to a minimum until I can build on my recurring revenue.

Still in shock at Intuit being discontinued :-(


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Hi Blacknight, thank you for your response.

Yes I have used freshbooks, but it works out at about €165 per year for 25 clients, which suits my needs in terms of client numbers. Curdbee works out at €35 a year, there is quite a difference in terms of cost, although I know freshbooks is proven. Would stil rather one for free, but it does look like will have to invest.

Lets have a poll on this topic, as there seems to be varied feedback. Should be interesting!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE INVOICING SOFTWARE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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Hi NotAnAdmin,

Thank you for the link, I looked it some time back and again today, I see its app based, so you install the apps you need, I presume some are paid others free.

I couldn’t see to install the recurring app as it is only an idea/suggestion,
I would also be looking to create a db of clients & products to select from, I believe clients can be added but have to be invited to use/partake in the system, is that correct?
Also, does it allow you to send receipts/statements/reminders or PDF's?

Many thanks
Hey unrealindeed.
Your right it's sort of app based. There are the basic functions and for everything you need on top you add an app (and all apps i've seen so far were free). That recurring invoices are not covered yet is a bummer maybe. For us, since we dont have that many regular/recurring services in fix intervals, this was never a problem. But I hope this gets developed soon.
You can add clients manually as a contact without inviting them or they being on the network. Everything you send will then be delivered as an email (w. PDF attached). Hope that covers your questions...


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Hi HubberZero,

Thank you for your reply
The reason for my initial post is because Intuit Billing Manager is being discontinued this September :-(
I have played around with Billing Boss, but have to say I am not that keen on it.
Siwapp seems good, but would rather a system on a secure server/hosted/maintained by the software developer.

I know, i know my demands are high.

Many thanks for your feedback


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Siwapp looks seriously nice actually! Might give that an go and see what it's like... Basic but very good... harvestapp.com is very nice too but for the way I operate, wouldnt suit my needs...
Since I'm working for such a service, I'd like to suggest Elorus (elorus.com) which is all new & focuses on ease of use. I know there exists a ton of online invoicing software, Elorus just targets to freelancers & small businesses. The elorus free plan should fit nice to your needs, you can check it out.