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Hello all,
I'm a ux designer and I'm looking to find somebody to help build an application that I'd like to build. From the small amount of knowledge I know of develoment, I'm looking to get somebody who's well versed in flex. I'd like the app to be downloadable and have it sit on a user's desktop so they can use it, similar to the way skype and dropbox works. There would need to be access to subscriptions in there too. Aybody got any ideas what I should use. From what I can see, flex can be packaged as an air application which can be downloaded by both mac and pc. This looks like the most sensible way to go. Anybody have any thoughts on this?


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I think you need to focus on the features rather than the language
ie. get someone to develop software that will run cross-platform rather than getting hungup on which language to use, if you get me?
Thanks for the advice. My problem is I'm fairly clueless outside of web technolgies what the options are. I don't know where to start looking even. Does anybody know what skype is built with? It would have some similar functions to it.
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