What Music are you listening to?

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Just listening to some Orb stuff. It kind of fits my html/css style. But the Goldberg Variations seems to work better for my SQL and php programming.

hi there...am new here...

mostly i listen to micheal jackson, mariah carey, celion dion, chicago and boys 2 men...i just love their voices...listening to their song's make's my day complete.
Got the Beatles remastered set for Christmas, listening to one new one per month currenty on 2nd album, 'with the beatles' reali:Dsing how far ahead they were of everyone else at the time,


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Sacrilege I know, but I actually prefer Radio Dread to Radiohead
Any relation to Dreadzone ? :D (listen to Second Light by them a biteen too much)

Currently listening to way too much A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren the end of the year mix number 436 was very good
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