What page width do you use?

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Ahhh man effect.. smoke it out yer ass. We are talking about the width of a site. I'd love to be dealing with the clients you are dealing with .. because in the past 11 years i have met some stunners and regardless of what facts, figures or dazzling buzz words you throw their way. It all boils down to .. "yeah but we'd prefer this" and the truth of the matter is there are clients like that out there .. and every design and development house in the world has had to accomodate for them.

Yes granted i am not a designer.. however being a designer doesn't come in to it .. If i went to an interior decorator and asked them to paint my house BLACK .. and they go .. "No No.. Mr.. you want your house Jazzy F**king Purple" i think the answer will be .. eh.. no .. i am paying to get my house painted .. Paint the damn mofo black.

So i understand your point, yes you REALLY do need to guide clients in the best direction, it is the same with all business. Not just design. Anyone who is a professional in their chosen field needs to guide a client. However you also need to understand, which is the point i am making, that their are clients out there who know what they want.. and that is the bottom line.

Jesus my elbows are hurting me now .. haha, time to sacrific the new designer out the window.

Interesting you saying that your not a designer twice now, yet have 'web design' in your sig.

You're last paragraph is basically repeating what I said in my last post, maybe you should read it fully.

If you talk to clients the way you try and argue your point, I'm not surprised you have little success in getting clients to respect your professional opinions.
haha .. okay cool ;)

Been a baaaaaaddddd day today .. so not going turn this into a bitching match (which it pretty much is already)

Anyway.. my debate is over ;)
Now, now kids! Play nicely!

I'm not a designer either. But I still have to try to convince people not to use a certain size (I'm not a designer either - I work in a web development company but the broad term is still design, even though a modern website is probably 10% graphic design and 90% programming? IMHO).

Some client will agree and some just don't. I think you're both right.
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