What's happened to the IEDR dropped domain list

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Does anyone know what's happened to the IEDR's dropped domain list? It doesn't seem to be on their new site. I've emailed them about it but haven't heard back yet.


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It along with several other things aren't available on the site at the moment

I was in contact with them about this last week but didn't get any firm answers
I hope they bring it back, it always made an interesting half-hour read on a Friday afternoon, before heading home.

Does dropped.ie pull its info from that page directly?
I mailed them and they replied to say that, yes it would be back, but they couldn't say when as they had other technical issues to deal with first.
Slightly (in fact lots) off topic, but, you don't take xml feeds of job postings on your job site do you?
no I don't, the system doesn't have the facility to import in via XML / RSS, I also think it would cheapen my site, personally. I do syndicate out via RSS and some people like indeed.ie & careerjet.ie (not that they every asked me). Feel free to get in contact if you have ideas Cormac.
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