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Pay Per Click like any other advertising medium takes research, time, money and most of all attention and patience. Some people use PPC marketing to get results while their site is slowly climbing the ranks and stop the campaign when they achieve a good natural listing.

Can any body suggest when paid advertising gives low performance.
I'm sure there are plenty of scenarios. The less relevant your ad is to the search query, and the less relevant your ad is to your landing page then the less chance you have of getting a conversion.
Hi, there are some companies that can offer you a package that includes managing your account so that you don't have to be an expert but to find the right people to do it for you!
I’ve been looking for a company that does all that, because I’m really bad with computers and all that, I’m about to decide on one of them but I’m not sure yet, what should I look for in them?
I usually don't like the companies that charge % of the spent amount. How can I trust them when they recommend me to increase the budget?
I don't.
I finally went with a company called Itsclickzilla, they did a very good job and showed me some things about my Adwords campaign I was doing wrong, fixed it all and offered me also some Landing pages for my site. I will hopefully get that done when I get the budget for it!
Would you believe I have done a lot of Keywords research and then I came to design a proper PPC campaign but after spending couple of hundred dollers and rigours efforts of four days. I decided to keep my self away from PPC.... It needs a lot of patience and investment.
Well thought. 99% of those who fail at PPC do so because of lack of research. PPC isnt as easy as it once was and it's only getting harder and harder.
I agree google adwords has got more difficult to perform well on, unless you know exactly what your doing. Took me a while but trial and error and videos have got me there. Its all in the way you target your ad. The niche you have chosen also plays a major role
One of the biggest problems...

One of the biggest problems with PPC campaigns is not usually the campaign or account itself but the websites visitors are sent to are not optimised to encourage a user to take action.

If you want to sky rocket ROI you should consider testing design changes on your website and ensure you use Web Analytics to find common exit pages, problems with funnel pages and keywords / landing pages that result in high bounce rate.
The most common mistake is having your ad in the wrong search query . PPC is not easy but yzou need to target the exact keywords for it to be effective . Once your ad is in the wrong search query then people click on it , you get charged for it but your ad won´t be relevant
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