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Hello everyone I would just like a bit of information in regards to a website that I am running at the moment, it has around 34k Unique's since January and I really want to move things forward in relation to expanding and hopefully getting some good quality advertising on the site, the problem is the site is starting to become a little bit to big to deal with on my own for instance generating daily content which would be news and attracting a potential advertiser. Can anyone tell me where I could go from here or if there is anything I can do to manage it all more easily. I do work a 9 to 5 which makes it that little bit more difficult.


I guess it all depends on what the site is, what niche is it ? Is it a forum, a proxy or other high volume type site. Can you sell subscription ? Can you get your users to submit content ?

Can you slap AdSense on it or some affiliate links like to Amazon or ebay ?
If you have a forum you could think about Skimlinks (affiliate link if you sign up) they just parse your page and add in the affiliate links to any companies that are in their program automatically.
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