Which is more difficult, on page SEO or off page SEO?


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Different people love different strategy. Some of them are good at on page and other off page. But for me I like off page method a lot. I think off much link building are much more easy than on page.


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We can not say any of the activity is difficult or easy, everyone has their own choice my personal opinion is on page needs more focus or a experienced guy as it can not be changed more frequently and the other hand off page can be hand over to the freshers or newbies.


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we can't say that on page or off-page seo is difficult.some of them are good in off-page and other are in on-page seo. Different people use different strategy according to their knowledge.


According to my way, both on-page SEO or off-page SEO strategy is no more difficult. Because it depends on people workability and capability of processing. So different people use a different strategy for doing on-page or off-page SEO.


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For me:

Off-page: link building not as much, but engagement link building it always gives me the scare
On-page: Auditing and suggestion Yes I love it, I leave the coding to our developers

In the future gotta learn web developing.


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For each site, this is individual; therefore, one cannot unequivocally say which is simpler and which is easier.


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as per my opinion Off-page, SEO is hard to do in comparison of on-page SEO. We have to find links and submissions. The harder is to find the relevant niche sites to generate the backlinks


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I personally like the on-page SEO more, because it seems to me that the results of it depend solely on me, on how well I select the keywords and phrases or how wisely do I insert links, etc. It does not mean that I do not realize how beneficial the off-page SEO is or do not rely on it in my work - but for me, the results of it are always quite hard to determine.


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On-Page: Quality Content, Design, Internal Links
Off-Page: Quality Links from other websites, press release submissions. it is difficult to have a good and working SEO strategy for links and it takes time and work.
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