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There is no one magic technique that works on its own. If I had to choose just one, I would say on-page SEO is THE most important.


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Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?
Any method that can bring traffic to your site is a good method, it is really quite difficult to say which is the best SEO technique. Further more it's good to diversify your method instead of depending on certain methods only. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


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Submitting articles to article directories is a good place to start. You can place anchor text with a link to your website in the resource box and you will have quality backlinks from high pr sites. Make sure to bookmark and ping each article to get them indexed faster. Once you have submitted a few articles to different directories you should move on to other methods such as forum and blog commenting.


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After completing the on page factors for the site, you can start with other SEO techniques. SEO not only work on one technique it follows different techniques like article creation, blog creation, directory submission and social bookmarking. You can follow these techniques and you will gain visitors for your site.

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Try to think outside the box a little bit, is there anything that you could think of to spread your link virally so you don't have to spend all your time thinking of excuses for leaving your link on a blog post comment (and if you're doing that you might want to note if those links are nofollow), maybe you've done a little graphic you could submit to vector or popular clipart websites around the theme of your business, maybe there's a great video you have that lots of website might use, if your website has a great css design you could submit it to design showcases, maybe there's a question about your business or industry that hasn't been answered properly online, you could make a blog post about it!... there's so many ways of doing it, however it does take more effort to do this then to just paraphase blog comments!


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Julie that's what i want to know from you people which off page technique will help me to get the most traffic .
The best way to get traffic is promote your website by means of SEO and be on page one of search engines for targeted keywords, and for that you can do PPC or SEO. With that Social media websites like twitter and facebook is also very good in increasing traffic to your website. Promote your website by advertisments and write some unique and good content on web-pages that attracts the customers, that will automatically improves the traffic.

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I have spent time writing articles for directories such as ezine articles but i have only recieved a few hits a week from them?My first reaction is that is a waste of time.Is it through though i am getting credit in the search engines for leaving relevant keyword anchor text to my site in the resource box below the comment?If so does the number of times someone clicks on my anchor text push me further up the rankings or is it all the same once the anchor text keywords are dropped in the box?

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It is very time consuming but i agree that trying to get in the top 3 or 4 for about fifty different keywords is the best approach-and then for the hard part-trying to get them to convert

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Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?

HI,I am masterp and new on this forum but not so new on IM and optimising a site.Actually been on IM a few years back,on and off,but unfortunately didn't go well.Made some money but not much to sustain a living.I want to quit my job few years back just to concentrate on building sites but as I said my sites didn't go well,until I stop for 2 years,only concentration on offline business.Until last year,was brought back again to IM.Anyway,to cut it short I am back now.With a little bit more knowledge with regards to seo,and building solid sites.I am saying a solid site because I have made some sites that are already ranking well on,.ie and and yahoo,and enjoy having some organic traffic,this site I experiment it first was been launched 4 months ago and now in number3 page one in google having 60,000 monthly visitors.Also I have a site that was launched 2 months ago and now in number10 in google page1 and numebr1 in yahoo and have a site which is 3weeks old that on number 11 in yahoo and flactuating but I am not worried since I know it will rank well and just only a few weeks old.Some sites are also on top page 5 below.I am much confident now on making sites.I have done this thru the help of one seo expert,when I accidentally come accross with his own ebook and applied what I have read.

The op here is right,on page seo is important,but there are more to do,if you really want to hit the top and enjoy a free organic traffic.I have done this well enough now.First of all I am not an seo expert but a doer on what the seo expert on that ebook said,and I really done well because I have seen the reult.

Here's the guide that needs to be followed:

1. Keyword Research is the most important and vital to your business.A very good keyword,that has huge visitor but having a low competition.The reason why we make websites and advertising it,is for more freedom and independent in the very earliest time.That's why we target a very good keyword,less competition and more people searching for that keyword.Without people searching for that keyword means without traffic.

Advise: Don't jump straight in making website without a proper research.It is like going to a war without a weapon.

2. After finding the right keyword,find a good domain out of that keyword.I will not explain more on that.And hosting of course.

3. On page optimisation,yes,on page optimisation,this is vital if you want your site to rank well.SEO experts knows how important is this.If you are using wordpress,there is very good plugin that can help you with your seo,you are like having a guide when making a posts,there are a score how good is your article/post is.It is like a guide to optimise your site.This is not free plugin but worth,most IM'ers used this one now.If you need a help with regards to this plugin,let me know.

4. Off page SEO,consists of two things:

- Setting up the Pull Foundation
- Executing the PULL

Setting Up the Pull Foundation:

1. Link packets
2. Forum/Social profile
3. Backlinks from blog
4. Backlinks from blog network that drip your content
5. Acquisition of .EDU and .GOV backlinks
6. Blog commenting

Executing the Poll:

1. Press Release
2. Web 2.0 sites
3. Social Bookmarking Sites
4. Video Sites
5. Article Directories
6. RSS Directories

**Note: These are the things I did on my sites.Aftware you have done all this just sit and relax and wait.Sometimes it takes 2weeks to have some results and the most would be 3months.

Omit one of the pull mentioned above and your site will not ranked well.The step that I have shared is proven and effective.They work hand in hand.I know this is a tedious job to do.If you need help,just let me know.

Hope my first post and this guide will help someone.


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Usually SEO work's on Two factor,s Onpage and Offpage. In Onpage Include Keyword,Meta tags,Titles,Heading Tags,Alt Tags,Anchor Tags, On another side Offpage include Link Building,Article Submission,Press Release,Directory Submission.
For Better Promotion of your business SEO things on those point:
List of Keyword of your website, Create content that people want to read,Optimize your website.
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