Which server am I on.....?

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Hi folks,

Firstly, I have browsed some threads and don't see anything close to what I want to find out.

In the past I have used Register365 to purchase domains and then created the files/folders in H-Sphere. It would post a default page telling my that DNS servers were updating the domain. (Could last a day or so)

In the background, I would use DreamWeaver to ftp to folders, working on the site before it went live.

This is all fine.

I'm aware now, that I'm dealing with NamesCo and have just bought a domain. I went into the H-Sphere to add the domain, no problems adding files and folders. I researched and then found that after 9th March, the nameservers were changing. I tried my domain name in the browser but
it loads a default NamesCo page with no indication of DNS updating on the web. I did a check on Whois and I do have the domain set up and all.

I have a few questions:

1) Will I be still on the servers I'm accustomed to or have they changed?

2) If I am on a different server and change nameservers, am I messing up the other domains I have?

3) Any tips on what to do, is configuring an option?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Note: I am still awaiting a reply from tech support inside the register365 control panel.

This thread on Namesco Woes should give you some help.

To answer some of your questions:

1) If you are not on the new servers at the moment, you will be moved over the next few months. On these new servers, HSPHERE is gone and is replaced by their crappy cp. If you were on Apache before, the new servers run on Zeus. Also theres no more shell access.

2) Not sure what you mean here, but in general nameservers point to your hosting companies nameservers (ie - where your site is hosted)

3) The only advice I can give you is to move host. I was more than happy with Hosting365, but not with Namesco.
Thanks very much for the reply.

I have 2 domains through H-Sphere with Hosting365. I mainly FTP with DW to these domains. Rarely login just for new emails, maybe some PHPBB or MySQL.

I have just bought a domain the other night and the money was debited the next day (twice), still trying to resolve if this is at their end or a bank issue. Called both the bank (took details) and NamesCo. Have to wait till after bank holiday. I have my transaction receipts in PDF as proof though.

I did read the Woes thread and it makes for sad reading. I think I would describe myself as a startout developer with some experience (always trying to learn), but who likes to have server access for testing.

These other folk are guys with multiple accounts for their clients and I sympathise with this predicament they are in. I am nowhere near that level. Just a personal site or two and experience building for a guy on his preferred host. It maddens me to think my account was debited before the sun came up the next day and I'm in a quandary wondering where is my new domain parked.

I did go to C-Panel/H-Sphere, added the domain and FTPed files. I checked my domain in the browser and have a default NamesCo page with no helpful info. My understanding is that my other domains are on nameservers starting with NS1. NS2. etc, but these now dont apply to my new domain, they are different and I dont know how to configure them.

You did say, things will be moving over, so i will have to keep my eyes on this. I got used to H-Sphere with creating emails etc, so can I ask, when you say this is changing (No Shell Access), are all these features gone too?

I have sent a ticket and am waiting for a reply. I'm cringing!!

Just wondering where is my domain parked and how do I FTP to it?
Best thing to do is probably ring them - 1890 944 500 - 7 days a week phone support which is reportedly good.
I actually got a helpful email today and carried out the instructions for updating the DNS name servers. So, I'm waiting for 24-48 hrs to see the changes. I may have been a little rash and blinkered because of the fact of being double-charged, but this may be an issue on the banks side, I'll check later today. I did ring NamesCo Friday last and the guy was professional, so I'm looking into things.

Anyway, I'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Not long after my last post, I filled in DNS names suggested in the email and decided to wait for 24+ hours. I checked after 10 minutes and my domain was up. I wasn't expecting that! So, I'm content at the moment.
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