Who is best for Magento hosting?

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We currently have a site with 10K products which our current hosting can't handle. We have been looking around at different hosting providers and have a few questions.

What about cloud hosting? At the moment we are only small but hope to get bigger and any cloud package I look at tells me so much p/GB. How do I work this out?

I have been also looking at Magento gold hosting members - Peer1 / nexus / etc. but they are seriously expensive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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It all depends on how much of your business you are doing online.

A dedicated server or VPS isn't expensive if you're selling online
Hi blackknight,

Thanks for the reply. I have been through a couple of VPS's already and they can't handle it. We currently have 10K products which we were hoping to double but at this stage we are have to whittle down our catalog as our current hosting are telling us it is overloading the VPS. Mind you they don' explain what exactly is overloading it, if we knew this then maybe we could sort it.

Even after whittling it down and including new products we could still have 10K products.

Haven't tried a dedicated server, are these better? More expensive?

Also you need to understand I am not a programmer although I can do a bit of programming but this hosting crack confuses the hell out of me. Forgive me but I just presumed you bought your hosting and off you go.



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Magento may be a nice idea, but its performance is pretty horrible.

A dedicated server would be physical hardware just for you and your site(s)

Costs would vary, but it has a lot of advantages over other types of hosting, as you can tick a number of boxes in terms of security etc., for PCI compliance


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Magento is a bit of a beast alright ...

I assume you've got caching turned on?

Depending on how heavily your site is getting hit ( how many people are visiting it ) it may very well crawl ...

Things you can do would be reduce number of files being served up (merge all your javascript files into one for example) means less file loads on your server. ... turn on database caching and so on

The problem is you've got a LOT of products in there and all the pages will have to be generated which with more products = longer load times ( cross links between products / comments / reviews and so on )

As Michele / Blacknight said ... Dedicated is probably the way to go when you're serious about it and with 10k products (expanding to 20k) I most definitely assume you are.

We have done as much as we possibly can with caching and merging css and js. I don't know much about MYSQL caching, I presume it is turned on.

If dedicated is the way to go then I suppose we have no other option but I think we are going to reduce our catalog anyway to 10K approx.

What or where would ye recommend for dedicated servers?

Thanks lads.



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Might be worth having a quick read through this and the linked articles therein, and making sure you've implemented everything.

There's also a magento compiler option, which most references I've found refer to as being in beta, but is an option in the admin menu (Under System > Tools > Compilation) as of 1.5, possibly 1.4.x, so I'm not sure if it's now officially released.
I gather it collects copies of all the php files which may be needed and dumps them in a single folder, and can offer a decent performance improvement - but note that you should make sure you turn it off before doing any upgrades or serious development work. And definitely test it in a non-production environment first.

Thanks MOH I had the compiler disabled and after enabling I can see a difference but I think it is a combination of this and the fact that we are reducing our catalog. Can anyone explain to me cloud hosting and whether it is better or worse than dedicated hosting?


I have set up the latest version of magento in a test environment and I will have at most 10-15 products (Using Paypal at first to see if it viable).
Is there a shared hosting package in Ireland that would run the site an an acceptable level?
There are some good offers with american companies like hostmonster but as my site will be directed primarily at the Irish market would this affect the ranking of the site?

I would appreciate any insight on this

Hi, I would recommend tsohost.co.uk - I've used them for a few websites - and I think they have a special magento package. Contact them. (I have no affiliation with them).
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