Why Webmaster Culture Is Way Wrong

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As webmasters we spend way too much time thinking and talking about the wrong things.

If you've been around the webmaster world for a bit, you've seen tidal waves of webmasters on many different forums struggling to get their online enterprises up and running.

These efforts are expressed in a never ending discussion of two broad topics, online publishing tools and online business tactics.

This article proposes that for most webmasters most of the time, this discussion of tools and tactics, which represent the heart of webmaster culture, is both unnecessary and counter productive.

Put another way, most of the things we've been led to focus on are wrong.


A serious online publisher doesn't learn about publishing tools, unless they intend to go in to the tool business.

As example, the leading columnists at the New York Times don't spend their time learning how to install servers or repair word processors. These leading writers spend all their time writing, and that's why they're leaders.

The technical learning curve webmasters face can be swept aside in a single day simply by hiring someone who already knows how to use net publishing technology.

Are you confused by Wordpress plugins, or any one of a hundred other technical challenges? Find somebody who isn't confused, and turn the job over to them. Simple.

Why do we proudly consider ourselves savvy because we've mastered all these tools over a period of months or years, when we could have solved the entire problem in a single day?

Think how much more time we'd have available to advance our businesses if we'd never had to learn technology, or mess around with it on a daily basis.

Technical challenges can often be solved almost over night, using minimum wage or cheaper labor.

Thus, an endless discussion of tools throughout the webmaster world can be seen for what it is, a lack of seriousness, and a huge time wasting distraction.


The issue of online business tactics can be solved in a single day as well, by the same method.

There is really no reason for any webmaster, especially the new ones, to get bogged down in reading dozens of ebooks and business blogs, asking hundreds of questions, and getting overwhelmed and confused by the online business advice information overload avalanche.

Why should a webmaster engage in all this pointless struggle, when they could just hire a good web business coach?

A variety of skilled experienced web business coaches are available, and we can often join their membership sites for a dollar a day. A dollar a day.

Regrettably, I can not list such coaches here without raising spam concerns. What I can do is make clear that such qualified coaches do exist, are affordable, and you can find them by searching and asking questions. (And no, I am not such a coach, and this is not a pitch.)

What could be easier, or more efficient?

We login to our coach's forum, start a new thread and say, "Hi, I'm new, what do I do"? The coach tells us what to do, and we go do it. Why waste time learning things the hard way when somebody else has already done that for us?

All of our very many questions about web business strategy can be solved simply by finding a coach we trust, and then doing what they tell us to do, step by step.

Thus, an endless discussion of business strategy on all the webmaster forums can be seen for what it is, a lack of seriousness, and a huge time wasting distraction.

Now What?

Try to imagine this.

We spend zero hours a month logging in to control panels, researching, learning and struggling with net publishing tools.

We spend zero hours a month studying online business strategy blogs and ebooks etc.


We're webmasters! If we take all this away, what will we do???

How about...

Reinvest all that time in to serving our audience.

Here's an inconvenient truth.

Our readers, the people who have the money we want, could care less about web biz tools and business strategy. Seriously, they just don't give a darn, they really don't care a bit. Time spent on things our prospects don't give a darn about would seem to be a poor time investment, eh?

Think of how much more time we'll have to serve our readers, and earn their trust and order, if we don't have to mess around with tools and tactics.
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