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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by Busarus, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Busarus

    Busarus New Member

    anyone got any wireframe software recommendations
  2. alias

    alias New Member

    Depends what you're wireframing really. One thing I've been using lately for database modeling is MySQL Workbench 5.0 OSS which is an amazing free tool. Just google it. It is a must download in my opinion. Check out the EER Diagrams feature. You can model your database by hand or import an existing SQL database file which will render the diagrams for you, allowing you to edit, create table relationships at will etc. You should be able to output your diagrams/wireframes from here...
    But I have a feeling that you might not be after database wireframe software?
  3. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    Sounds like I should have a play with that. Normally I just have the structure in my head and relationships and so on. Great for me .. not so great for describing it to co workers / others.
  4. alias

    alias New Member

    Yeah it's definitely worth a look. Like I said I haven't used it long, but for me it's great to get the schema out of my head and off bits of paper and into a visual format others can interpret. Even on my existing databases I just export the SQL structure less the data, and I can generate data models from these SQL files. Talk about making my life easier! And the visual editor injects a bit of fun into it again! Happy Days!
  5. Busarus

    Busarus New Member

    thinking more of software to rough out the entire website not the mysql structure

    something like axure

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