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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by babyboy808, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    Does anybody know a company in Ireland, preferibly Dublin that designs and Codes Wordpress themes?
  2. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

  3. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    Thanks for reply. Not too sure about Doop. But spoiltchild looks great. Didn't know they worked with Wordpress. I have came across them before. I wonder how much they would charge approx, Alan? :)
  4. figment

    figment New Member

  5. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Good complaint to have :)
  6. eoghanmccabe

    eoghanmccabe New Member


    I do WordPress themes too. Based in Dublin. Lead time of 1 month. Themes from around €1000 to €1500. More details here. Would love to hear from you.
  7. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    Hi Eoghan,

    Do you have examples of recent WP sites you have done?


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