Wordpress rewriting htaccess file at random?

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I know there is a plugin to manage no-www on Wordpress, but just out of curiosity, does anyone know how to get Wordpress to stop deleting lines from htaccess?

I added lines to htaccess file as per this thread but WP seems to delete my extra lines from time to time.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone know how to counter it?


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ps using wordpress 2.01
Doesn't happen on all my blogs, just one that I know of...

Wondering if it's a plugin conflict or something...

Will post solution when I find it.. I have heard of others suffering this too...


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It's pretty odd. I thought maybe it was when a post was published or something that the htaccess would be rewritten, but I tested that and it's not it.

I've compared 2 blogs I have, running the same version of WordPress, one it happens on and one it doesn't, so my suspicions fall to plugins...

I'm wondering about the Filosofo Home-Page Control as it's the only plugin I use on the problem site that involves modifying the htaccess file...

It doesn't make sense though...

plus, you don't use that plugin do you Richard?