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Discussion in 'Site Reviews / Announcements' started by abbeyvideo, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. abbeyvideo

    abbeyvideo New Member

    Hi all, its my first post here, so be nice to me :) I have a website called Videography for Weddings | Professional Wedding Videos, Tipperary and would love some feed back regarding it, I add blogs to it when i can but they don't seem to be moving up in Google land as they should, but anyway please have a look guys Joe
  2. abbeyvideo

    abbeyvideo New Member

    Anyone please ?
  3. blue4ever

    blue4ever New Member

    Black background very dull, very morbid - its a wedding site!
    Text on the left in #212121 is very clsoe to blac an could be construed as a kind of cloak - its unnecessary.
    Background would be my first item to sort. Look at other sites (abroad like Oz or the likes so there is no conflict)
  4. abbeyvideo

    abbeyvideo New Member

    Thank you Blue4ever for your response , I do know that the colour is a bit on the dark side and needs changing which i am working on, the text on the left is this on the home page >?

  5. blue4ever

    blue4ever New Member

    i've looked at the site again on a different screen - smaller - that doesn't appear. i'll look tomorrow and see what was up - but there was definitely a kind of ghost to the let of the page
  6. blue4ever

    blue4ever New Member

    Here is your page, on a wide screen. I've highlighted the top of the page, just to show you the text on the left. It could be seen as something suspect.

    View attachment 527
  7. Micheal

    Micheal New Member

    Very Nice design but domain name is pretty long try to use some TLDs..

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