Works in Firefox but not IE? Why?

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Hi guys,
I downloaded a template from a free template site and have begun to make a site out of it

Dreamline: About This Template

Now I've barely started on the site, so the content, links etc. are all rubbish and half don't work yet.

My issue is that the site works fine in Firefox, but IE and AOL (the only others I've tried so far) load it arseways. Is it something that I've done wrong in the code or something?

I'm really not good at coding and I just edited the templates in NVU so I think I may have messed up somewhere

For instance - this page loads weird in IE and AOL

Dreamline: About This Template

Any ideas? Thanks for any info :)
First guess the widths of your divs are wrong and IE is pushing it down. Make sure the image size is the right size for the div etc etc!
ah ok..I'm not too sure how to use divs - I know they are <div> and </div> in the code so I can have a mess around with them - at least I have an idea what it might be now thanks :)


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Well padded

Try reducing the padding here
.disignBoxSecond .boxSecondHeader
padding:3px 0px 0px 40px;

The left padding above 40px bring it down to 10px and see if that works


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Really good tool...

A really good tool for Firefox is Firebug, you can edit your CSS on the fly and it won't affect the original file.

That way you can start to play with the values in CSS and see what they do.
I think that's probably one of the best way to get an understanding of CSS and DIV's etc...

IE is a bit mental anyway when it comes to following CSS and DIV's especially version 5.5 and 6. IE7 is a big improvement, but still lacks in certain areas.
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