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I'm interested in hearing suggestions on what I should do with my website and how I could make money from it.

I initially developed it to be a news website for Ireland in the World Cup while hoping that we qualified so there might be some interest in sponsoring the site. Now it looks like the only way to make money from it is using betting affiliate advertising and Google ads.

I working on a new version of the site at the moment. This will be a more general world cup news site with coverage leading up to the start of the world cup and daily news during the tournament. The new site will include information on groups, matches, live match updates, schedule of matches, stadia information etc.

All suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Bit of a shot in the dark but if you pulled it off could be a real winner. What about approaching the likes of PaddyPower or Boylesports etc.. and giving them access to brand the site, upload content, team stats, fottie trivia, live game feeds etc.. on the basis that you receive a percentage of any "action" generated. In return they would have to undertake to market the site but the world cup is a huge money spinner for them traditionally so the domain name would prove a huge advantage for you in approaching them. It may be a non runner-pardon the pun but could on the other hand be very sweet for you IF they bite at the idea.
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