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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by DJ1, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. DJ1

    DJ1 New Member

    I have just invented a new data warehouse system simular to Google but I think it may be better.

    Problem, I need a business partner with web database skills and maybe even web design skills to set this up. I have limited programming skills but I do have business skills and business knowledge.

    On-line Transaction Processing systems (OLTP) is another component of this innovative new site.

    I need someone to help me with this. If interested you will need to sign a non disclosure form. I cant let this brilliant idea get stolen. I think it may be patentable.

    Im so nervous. These nerves bring back memories of my previous idea which I got patented. I think I will get advice from a business adviser.

    Please post some advice. PM me if you want to become a business partner.
  2. tomed

    tomed New Member

    Ah so it is a search engine.... to rival Google.... yet you have no programming skills?????
  3. DJ1

    DJ1 New Member

    Would you like to help me... LOL ;)
  4. tomed

    tomed New Member

    Allows open to business opportunities - if you can raise the funds, I'd be interested in getting involved (obviously with the right idea!)
  5. DJ1

    DJ1 New Member

    Finance is not a problem.
  6. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Sounds too be good to be true. :D

    Glad to hear someone excited about something they've built - well done!

    Just a burning question - Why do you think it's better than Google, given the way Google is more than just a data warehouse?
  7. markb

    markb New Member

    There's a company in Dublin called Steorn. They sound as if they have similar ideas to yourself.
  8. tomed

    tomed New Member

    Hi DJ1

    If you are serious that finanace isn't a problem - why not PM me and we'll arrange to meet. I'm sure I could bring something to the table.

  9. DJ1

    DJ1 New Member

    I have not told you what my idea is so there is no way of knowing what it is I have invented.
    Im not going to say what it is without someone signing my non disclosure agreement.
    I hope I did not sound abrupt.

    I think I might get in contact with Steorn.

    Thanks for the info.:D
  10. cgarvey

    cgarvey New Member

    Mark, ever get the feeling your beautiful humour was wasted?!

    @DJ1 Not intersted because what you've said smells of scam, and/or gross inexperience. Neither of which I'd want to invest my time in.

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