WP ~ Problem with Alt display of titles of Pages in sidebar

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I have a number of pages listed in sidebar and when the mouse hovers over them the name of the page displays


Home ... displays 'Home' etc. but my problem is that I want to display the page in both Irish and English ... so I tried the following:

In the page edit area I put:

Baile <br><i>Home

and it worked. I get Baile with Home italicised in the sidebar

But ... here's the problem:

When I put my mouse over the link I get:

Baile <br><i>Home

How can I sort this so that the code isn't visible when the mouse is placed over it?

Is there a plugin available that I can use?

Thanks! :)
Found a plugin:

Alt Link Text

Alt Link Text adds "Alternative Link Text" and "Alternative Title Attribute" fields to the Write Page and Manage Page screens. These can be used to specify alternative link text and title attributes to be used in place of the page title in page lists generated using the wp_list_pages() function.

(As I haven't got 10 posts i can't post urls yet ... sorry)
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