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Hi everyone, www.getdigs.ie has been in existence for 12 months now. We recently changed the look of the website and also re-structured the organisation. We are in the process of increasing the cost of Homeowner registration from 5 to 15 euro. As a learning process I would like to get peoples opinion on the site.
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My first (5 second) impression of the homepage was there was way too much text. Can you put a big bold headline at the top saying what you do in 5 to 7 words?

On the lower portion of the page I like the split but again, I would cut down on the text here, introduce a clichéd stock image of some sort and then have two really clear call to actions buttons for both homeowners and lodgers to find out more respectively.


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Hi Tony,

Have been watching this site ( I think I first saw it 2/3 years ago) for a while - what's missing is that you're not listing locations on the home page. It just looks like nobody has signed up!

I think its a good idea and I can't remember the last design but it wasn't awful. I think letting people get a glimpse of available locations will be crucial


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Nice looking site but agree that listings need to be prominent and highlighted on the home page - that is the whole point of the site after all!

Is there much of a market or demand for this in Ireland though?

You also need to get social sharing icons on your home page - Facebook, Twitter, Google+. That is pretty crucial.
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