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Anyone used XSLT and if so how is it with different browsers etc. Im starting a new project and there is a lot of XML involved i was just going to parse it in php but XSL looks pretty cool..


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XSLT is for converting XML, so I don't see how different browsers would come into play, as it would depend on the output XHTML surely?


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Just wondering about older browser support really.. Im also set in my ways with php and always over looked xsl so just curious as to weather anyone else is using it. The project is mainly surf and weather forecasting and most of data comes as xml (and lots of it) so xsl looks like a good way to process it...


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xslt is basically a mechanism for converting (transforming) your xml into html / xhtml ...

It all happens server side so assuming what you output is ok it will appear the same across the browsers. If its not showing up ok .. then you're doing something wrong.