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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by ph3n0m, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. ph3n0m

    ph3n0m New Member

    Ok people (for those who designed/developed waaay back in the 90's) - who still has an nasty looking site from back then :)

    I know I do - please hold the applause for - frames, ugly background images, no transparency, etc
  2. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

  3. ph3n0m

    ph3n0m New Member

    and yet it looks better then the piece of crap I posted - c'mon play fair - post crap looking sites only :)
  4. kae

    kae New Member

    ph3n0m - ACK! My eyes!!

    Thankfully, I am not a designer, or I could probably top that ;-)

    As a programmer, though - one of my demos was recently discussed on (the daily "what the ****??") [1].

    to be honest, it's not a bad demo, but there are easier solutions for most cases the demo might be used for.

    [0] klog┬╗ Blog Archive ┬╗ Rounded borders for IE, Konqueror and Firefox
    [1] The Daily WTF - "I think I'll use AJAX and PHP and generated images as a background to fake support for a CSS3 element"
  5. louie

    louie New Member

  6. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

    You asked for it

  7. davidbehan

    davidbehan New Member

    We've got more in common than you think... I used to work there too! :D When did you work there?

    I just took a trip down memory lane to the first websites I put live on the net. A lot of the images are broken so it's hard to find one to "showcase" here! This is the earliest I could find that has all the images on it. It was for my student union in dundalk from around 2002. There are others earlier than that but all the images are broken so can't really show them. :D


  8. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

    Suffice to say it wasn't long enough ago. Last time I brought them up on a web forum I got myself banned for making "unsubstantiated claims" so I'll leave it for the time being.

    My blog's going live next week; I'll have plenty of substantiated claims to make then. :D
  9. Redfly

    Redfly Moderator

    Been going through and I really cannot do it. I would hate for the world to know what my first ever attempts were.


    TheMenace, looking forward to your blog. Do you work for a company now or freelance?
  10. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

    I'm doing a little bit of freelance still but I'm mainly sucking the corporate wiener during the day. I've left the small web agency sphere behind once and for all. Too much stress, too much poor management, crap salaries and some pretty vicious personalities that have left me bitter as a box of lemons. Still, I'm looking forward to meeting some web 'companies' that come through the doors for pitches to exact my revenge. ;) No, not really.
  11. daviddoran

    daviddoran New Member

  12. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

    You could pass it off as top-of-the-line cutting-edge retro and nobody would raise an eyebrow.
  13. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

  14. daviddoran

    daviddoran New Member

    Nice checkerboarding, hmm.
    I like the blog redesign by the way.
  15. gary.b

    gary.b New Member

    heh - 50Megs still didn't delete my Frontpage-made site of 56k doom (urgh.. even the TEXT is an image!)

    I took the graphics from the game (Half-Life) and when it was useful 6 or 7 years ago, there were less ads..
  16. phil

    phil New Member

    This reminded me of what I found a few weeks ago. Mid-teens "let's make some money on the internet" fad. It wasn't my first website, which was a geocities one which I'd love to get hold of (but I think has disappeared) but it was long enough ago (approx. 1997 or 98 I think)

    Very "minimalist" *ahem* :)

    WebJex, Premium Web Solutions

    What was funny was that my hometown newspaper ran a story about the "company" Webjex based in Longford doing websites in about 2002 ... about 4 years after I had touched it... Should really have saved that article.

    I have no idea how it's still hosted by Eircom, I no longer do any business with them whatsoever :)

  17. davidbehan

    davidbehan New Member

    haha... found it... my first site i ever uploaded to the net. It was a college project and needless to say I got 100%!!!! :D It was built in FrontPage and I remember the nightmare I had trying to get it uploaded to the eircom servers. If you look at it in IE, it'll play sounds and I thought the cars driving in on the "teams and drivers" page was soooooooooo cool at the time. FF doesn't show these two so use IE for it! :D


    Thanks phil... you jogged my memory on where that site was.

  18. kae

    kae New Member

    alright - just dug this out from one of my archives.

    it's a webpage I did for my then-girlfriend. she's now my wife, so I suppose the site didn't destroy her opinion of me (actually, it probably confirmed it!)

    Bronwyn's Pages

    it's actually kinda nostalgic to look at the photos of my old pet rats (all named after diseases).

    this site is only about 5 years old.
  19. grandad

    grandad Moderator

    Might as well throw my hat in the ring....

    My first ever bit of HTML [though I didn't know what a tag was at the time]

    First site

    I defy anyone to beat that :D

    It then gave me a taste for HTML and evolved into

    Second site

    Which finally turned into

    Third site

    Which turned out to be a bloody successful site.

    So it just goes to show - small acorns and all that crap.
  20. daviddoran

    daviddoran New Member

    I think mine beats yours Richardo - yours is actually useful!

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