Zen Cart, Oscommerence V's Virtuemart

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First post:p

At the moment I've being doing websites for people that wanted a e-commerce solution with ZEN Cart as its got great features but lately I've being hearing that Virtuemart component of Joomla is after making strides and is capable of rivalling ZEN and Os but has the ease of the content management system of Joomla.

Any one with experience of using both? and plus and minus with each system,
(Virtuemart hasn't been made Joomla1.5 compatible yet)


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For me the templating of virtuamart just feels so much nicer than oscommerce / zen

Did a virtuamart install about 9 months ago .. and it just felt nice ... and a lot simpler to use than oscommerce which I was using previously

Can't really remember much more at the moment apart from the fact that the end user can easily update their content via the interface .. whereas oscommerce involves all kinds of hackery

As joomla 1.5 is still in RC stages I wouldn't really hold it against virtuamart :)
Zen cart and OS you have to hack into the core files to update certain parts and change certain things, and the templates just don't seem to be feel as modern as Joomla's.

Must give virturemart a test, wonder is there anyway of hooking up Zen cart Mysql database with virturemart:(


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I've actually got a "customer" pretty much wondering the exact same thing at the moment ...

I must get back to them on it ... its not possible as such ... there is no go between interface however there are some basic things you can do to import the data ... but its a bit of work.

so if you just plan on playing use the default install of virtuamart ... I believe it comes wiht some items in there already
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