1. S

    new solicitors' website -

    Interested in your feedback. Have tried to optimize it by both location and by areas of practice. Have also tried to give it a more 'friendly' vibe (most solicitor websites are quite austere). Tell me what you think. Thanks!
  2. N

    Freeware PC

    Just a little something I decided to share following my experience setting up a freeware PC. About 8 months ago I purchased a new PC. It came with the usual licensed software that you normally get with a new PC. (I normally build my own but couldn't be arsed this time :D) At this point I...
  3. C

    Submitting sitemaps to Google

    Does anyone know whether submitting a sitemap to Google will increase the page rank of my sites pages other than the homepage etc? In other words will submitting a sitemap alone have any affect on my PR? Thanks
  4. EggDesign

    Zen Cart moving server issues

    Hi all Im trying to move a zencart store to a new server. First time using it and its driving me nuts already. Ive copied over the database & all files and checked the config files. All urls look ok. Im getting this error though System Setup Required Please someone help.Bugger all online.
  5. mneylon

    Problems Validating Sites in Bing

    I've been trying to add and validate sites in the Bing webmaster tools section While some sites seem to be accepted without any issues, others are proving impossible to validate. I'm able to load the BingSiteAuth.xml in my browser, but Bing's system simply refuses to validate it. Has anyone...
  6. J

    ECommerce Site (from scratch)

    Hi, I just want to know is it possible to develop a web site that can accept payments that does not operate on top of an off the shelf application (osCommerce, Magneto, etc). I appreciate all the functionality that you get from those OTS apps, but it really bothers me how they make integration...
  7. B

    Duplicate Title Tags

    Hi, I have duplicate title tags through out my website. My home page, search, info, profile etc. title tag's = website name | keyword | keyword | keyword | keyword Is this ok or should I have a different title tag's for each page? Thanks,
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