1. L

    Happy Birthday Google

    So Google was born 13 years ago. Just wonder what everyone thinks of Google, its impact, how it did and how they see it now?
  2. M

    New UK Social Network website

    Would appreciate any feedback on uk social network Im going to be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  3. Y

    Training search engine & social QA network

    learnpipe v2 is re-launched recently. it a web based application that puts the fun back into choosing the right College / Degree / Evening Course / Casual Class / any other training option. We call it social Q&A for education.[/FONT] now, we are working with above 20,000 training companies &...
  4. B


    Interesting article seo-marketing-is-dead-is-dead-long-live-ssom although the heading is a bit OTT. I am in favour of social media inclusion with seo and it's importance for marketing / communication.
  5. M - New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries

    Would appreciate any feedback on"][/URL] Some SEO stuff (title tags etc) and T+C still outstanding, but other than that I be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  6. L

    VISA Debit costs rise %,100% over laser - Blog post from Ronan O'Brien

    I personally think that VISA/MasterCard as a basis for conducting internet commerce is way overpriced. Do we really want to hand over this much cash to two banks? I also fee that the iia are asleep pandering to internal industry...
  7. miralize

    Simply Zesty Redesign

    Hi all, Back in 2009 when I was originally starting out as a web designer I was hired by the folks over a Simply Zesty to do a news blog design for them. It wasn't the best, but it was the best I could have produced that stage of my career. 2 years later, I was asked to redesign it again...
  8. S

    Google Panda !!!

    Ok Everyone is talking about Google Panda but as yet very few have come up with good strategies to ensure future success. Any testing been carried out by forum experts???? Even though offsite is now nearly 95% of the battle for good SERPS, good varied strategies are a must, so I thought if we...
  9. mneylon

    2011 Is The Summer of .ME

    July 28, 2011 – Carlow, Ireland – Irish registrar Blacknight has declared summer 2011 “The Summer of .me.” Whether your Summer of .me adventure is spent climbing a mountain or cooling off indoors in front of your computer, use your .ME domain to tell the world what you’ve been doing. In...
  10. mneylon

    Google+ Integrations

    A few handy tips and tricks for integrating Google+ into your blog (or other site): HOW TO: Integrate Google+ into Your WordPress Site NB: Since Google hasn't officially "blessed" any of them they might have a limited shelf life :)
  11. mneylon

    Blacknight To Sponsor Social Media Award

    Multiple Net Visionary Award winners Blacknight Solutions have announced their sponsorship of this year’s Awards in the “Best Use of Social Media” category. The “Best Use of Social Media” category recognises the person or company who has demonstrably displayed best practice use of social media...
  12. andywozhere

    URL Structure

    I'm having a URL conundrum. I was wondering what people thought was a better URL: /events/comedy/festivals/name-of-festival or /events/name-of-festival The former is more descriptive, but quite long. The latter is much snappier, but not as descriptive. I'm inclined to think the longer URL is...
  13. Zascar

    My little internet business venture - feedback appreciated :)

    Hey guys, I would appreciate your feedback on a new website I have started. The site is - many of you will already be familiar with the 'fiverr' concept - but if not have a read of this blog post: Quote: is a new website where people can buy and sell simple products...
  14. S

    making google alerts ireland only

    hi. is there a way to configure google alerts to only alert of irish results? i am currently using the work around of including the word "ireland" in my alert. thanks stoffa
  15. mneylon

    Marketing Via Google Plus

    Seemingly Google won't be offering any tools for businesses on Google Plus in the short term Discuss :)
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