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A friend of mine has set up a facebook page where they are advertising a calendar for charity. He asked me for advice as to how they could possible "sell" these calendars via facebook - looking for something like a buy now button on facebook and select quantity. Payment processing can be taken care of by PayPal or any other reputable 3rd party.

I have very little experience in this area so would anyone have advice for me regarding this - is there a way of accomplishing the above via facebook and if so, how? Any advice would be great.


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There's a few companies offering facebook commerce solutions.. I can't think of the names of any offhand (of course!), but there's several companies offering it ..
Also .. it seems it's possible to add Paypal to a Facebook page, though I couldn't find any useful links now :(


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Sale calender via facebook

As a social media marketing facebook is very popular for business.For your procedure you must verify calendars buyer.because Different types of people are joined here all over the word.


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Go to, to learn how it works and understands the process for eCommerce. Technically, it helps commerce partners to use Facebook directly to sell your products 24/7. Use this app as your advantage to market your products easier, fast and secured.
Shopify lets you set up a product shop on Facebook to take orders directly from your Facebook fans and customers. It's not a free option though.
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