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I'm a target customer (in that I would buy what you're selling). However, not a hope I'd give your site a second glance. If it's not obvious why, here's a couple of points, but really you need some expertise on board to have any chance of success.

1) No contact details of merit. No postal address, a Skype-in/VoIP number.
2) No reason to trust "you". No mention of who is behind this, nothing to back the claims of experience up.
3) Site design is completely absent.
4) Questionable legal validity; a core aspect of your offering. "All our busiess agreement templates have been professionally drafted by lawyers and are legally valid in Ireland", yet we do not have lawyers in Ireland. Failing

Nothing about your site lets me trust you. Nothing tells me that this is not the site of some youngster who has just copied'n' pasted some contracts (probably US-oriented, to boot). Being a new site, I don't expect much by way of social trust / independent reviews, so I rely a lot more on the branding/brand-trust on your site. It's completely (and I use that word in the literal sense) absent.

If that's harsh, and you weren't expecting it, I do apologise, but you do need to hear it!

I'd recommend you get some design, business, and legal expertise on board. I love the idea, I've no problem with the price, and I would definitely consider purchasing, but not from that site.

So, are you serious about it being a business?
Clarification and Response

Thank you for the feedback and the points you have raised.
I should like the opportunity to clarify some of the issues you have identified.

1. I shall pay attention to altering the contact details to reflect the correct postal address.

2. As to this point, I shall embellish the "About Us" section to reflect personal academic and professional qualifications. I am a qualified Barrister with over ten years professional experience in Dublin the area of civil and commercial litigation, though your criticism of the fact that this is not stated or reflected in the site is valid. I can only say that as a lawyer rather than a marketing person, I have not sufficiently promoted my own professional credentials.

3.The issues you have mentioned in relation to site design are duly noted, and although I have designed the website myself using basic HTML, it is my intention to have the site re-designed in the future.

4. As to this issue, I respectfully refer you to the answer given in point 2. The use of the generic term “lawyers” reflects the fact that my colleagues and I are qualified as Barristers and Solicitors. I can assure you there is nothing questionable about the professional qualifications of I or my colleagues nor is there any question as to the legal validity of the service that we provide. I should like to point out that a great deal of effort has gone into providing business and legal contract templates that are valid under Irish law, and would reject any notion that we may have cut and pasted matter from any other source. Of course, the fact that we have not yet won you over as a customer is regrettable, not least because in reality our failings are in the marketing and promotional sense rather than as to the substance of the service we provide.

Once again, thank you for your comments and we will endeavour to correct any issues that need to be addressed.

Kind regards.


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Hire a designer.
The site doesn't look professional at all.
Go and have a look at the sites of companies offering similar services.
Trust is a key factor - as already pointed out there's nothing on there that gives any indication of who is behind it or why you'd trust them with anything let alone legal documents
Why do you have the Paypal logo on the main page?


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I can only say that as a lawyer rather than a marketing person, I have not sufficiently promoted my own professional credentials.

Root of all problems with the site! The single reason why I can all but guarantee why the current site won't be successful. So, you have the experience, and you have the product (Irish-oriented contract templates). Now you need to work on the marketing of that; a lot! Good luck with it, I really hope it works!
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