changes to web page not seen unless page is refreshed - problem???

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i have hosting with register365.
i have a hosting package on their older legacy servers and a newer package on their newer servers.
for all the websites on the legacy system - if i make a change to any of the web pages, i can more or less see the updated page when i go back and look at the website.
for all my websites on the new system - if i make a change to any of the web pages, i can only see the updated page when i refresh the page.
all my clients report to me the sdame problem. they have to refrest the page to see the changes i have made to webpages.
i use the same pc, same dreamweaver package, same filezilla ftp tool for updating all my websites.
why am i having this updating/need to refresh problem on the new servers?????
thank you blackknight - i have logged the problem with them. i spoke to a guy there first but he didn't seem to have an idea as to what it might be - which worried me, since it is so clear cut that if i update all my website the same way and half of them are on their legacy server and all work perfectly well, and the other half of my sites are on their new cluster of servers and don't auto update then the problem clearly has to be on the set up of their cluster of servers!!
thanks for your comment.
other thoughts and comments from all would be most welcome.
This is either normal either I didn't get what you mean. By going back you mean clicking the back button? If yes, this sounds like a caching issue on the servers where the page does update after clicking the back button. This can be server side but can also be the code. Can you please explain?
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