'Directory' php script needed

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HI Folks
Not so much 'coding help' but recommendations for a simple script.

A site I'm working on needs a directory - so that users can add their business details (Name, address, phone, web, business classification, brief description and possibly a logo / photo). This data needs to be sent to a moderator for approval - before being put on the live site.

Ideally using PHP and a flat file structure, rather than a database...

Has anybody used an off-the-shelf script to do this - and can they recommend it ?

One poster in another forum warned against allowing image uploads because of hacking vunerabilities. Users are only likely to put up one entry each - so don;t really want to go through the rigmarole of registration / passwords etc.

Any suggestions please ??



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Erm the image issue seems a bit silly to be honest .... if its going to be a vunurablility then DON'T hire that crowd or buy software from them ( being very serious here ) in this day and age ... blah blah blah :D

Anyways an out of the box solution would be PHP Link Directory Script I think you should be able to configure it for your needs
If you're worried about vulnerabilities in your upload script, you should post the code in the forums and ask others to look at it. I'm sure a few of us will have a look and help you make some changes - not that I think any off-the-shelf software package would have such a problem. Securing an upload form is pretty basic stuff.
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