Do you know a good parental control software

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Perhaps slightly off topic!!

I am looking for a good, reliable parental control software at a decent price, if not free.

I know there is tons of them out there but which one to pick?

Many thanks


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What kind of parental control would you like?
I know Webwatcher, Safe Eyes and Sentry PC are mentioned frequently


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If you are not comfortable with your children using the computer just not let them use it and problem solved ?


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The best way to protect internet access is at the source. For example you can't install any of this software on an xbox or playstation. By making a couple of simple alterations to your broadband router you can gain complete control of your local internet access. Visit OpenDNS | Internet Navigation And Security for more info.


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that is useful when you are not in an PC or mac or linux (computer) environment. Have a software is easier to handle for mass consumption anyway.


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Hi guys
What about keylogger i prefer use KeyBag.I use it on my Mac to monitor the websites that visited by my children,It helps me a lot.


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You could use the same software that my mom did: "Stay in the room and don't give your children a moment of piece and hijack the computer the moment you think is something out of control."

OK...maybe I'm exaggerating a LITTLE.


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Don't really see the point of this:

What about keylogger i prefer use KeyBag.I use it on my Mac to monitor the websites that visited by my children,It helps me a lot.
So after your kids stumble on a hardcore porn site and have image in their heads that can never be removed, you're able to discover that they visited it? Hmmm. I'd rather put my time and effort into making sure thay couldn't access sites like that in the first place!

Darren Meehan

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In my opinion K9 web protection is one of the best free product for web content filter for kids (and even some adults!)

see -> K9 Web Protection - Free Internet Filtering and Parental Controls Software

For more general info look around Internet Safety & Security Issues look at Parental Control | Home too.

Hope this helps :cool:
I definitely agree with this. I've it set up for a few families and they all love it. Its free for home use, there's a server edition for companies which costs thousands so the quality of this product is high.


I thought most computers come with a parent control system when you buy them?
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