Editing a table from a PDF file

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this might be a little off topic, I have a PDF I need to update before to make it available to download.

I have a table in a PDF doc with 45 rows, I need to make substantial changes to some rows and columns so I am exporting the table to MS word to then make my changes and then export back to PDF, is this the best way any way???

The problem I have in than word only display the first 20 rows which fits on the first page and seems to hide the rest of the rows. I have try to change the view in word but it is not helping.

PS: I use acrobat pro 8.0, newbie altogether with acrobat!!

Could any one help out on this??

many thanks


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You can edit within Acro 8 Pro.

Right click on the toolbar and go to 'add toobars' or something like that. You should have an option to add the 'edit' toolbar. You can use one of the tools there to highlight text and edit it within the actual pdf.
Hi Cormac,
i have try this, however for bigger work such as removing columns etc it is not possible.
Updating in words seemed ok until I realised I could not access all rows



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Frmo past experience I don't think copying and pasting works in excel etc, it does not keep formatting.

You could always print out and scan back in, some scanning programs will keep formatting for you
to do pdf processing, you can try the tools of adobe , if it can't meet your requirements, you need to turn to some third party software to adjust the pdf files to the ideal form. i can share with you the tool i am currently using to do pdf processing, i think it's good ,and if you haven't found a good way, you can have a try.
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