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Just a question for those who have hosting with blacknight; is there a facility within their control panel to upload and edit files on your webspace? I am with register365 and that section of the control panel (File Manager) was disabled about six months ago (without telling me). I have to use Filezilla now and it is very slow.
By the way, I don't want this thread to turn into a hosting-bashing party, I just want to know this before/if I change hosting.


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Hey Fonzi .. you're able to turn on a file manager which lets you create files ( similar to the touch command ) you can also upload files and I believe you can upload archives and extract them though if the archive is large I've had extraction fail in the past

You can't edit files currently however.

I'm using filefilla a lot to upload files to BK shared hosting and its generally quite fast


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I'm using Filezilla on BK shared hosting and it's very fast.
I had also been using Netdrive but found that a bit slow lately.

I've found the BK file manager really slow - copying or moving a couple of files between folders takes ages (well, takes ages for the file manager to report back, I'm sure the copy is quick enough), and it crashed last time I tried to copy a large directory tree. I find it much quicker to do it through Filezilla, even though that means pulling them down to a temp folder and uploading again.

I don't think there is an option to extract archives? I uploaded a couple of large tar files before I found there was no way to extract them. Though I suppose you could probably do it through a PHP script.
Thanks for the info. I don't know if I can be bothered changing hosting just for that reason. It is annoying that 365 got rid of File Manager, it was dead handy. I don't know why they got rid of it (to save money I assume). The link to it is still on the control panel but it doesn't log me in anymore.


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Actually, I've just bashed my head against the desk. Simple solution for remote editing has been in front of me all along but I never noticed it.
Notepad++ has an FTP synchronise plug in, you can edit your files directly on the server (obviously, don't do this on live sites!!).

Some versions of it may not have this installed by default, if it doesn't appeat under the Plugins menu, you'll need to download the plugin first.
Instructions here.
Note that you must first click the Settings icon in the plugin window, and then the New button before entering the connection details, or it'll lose them. Then click the connect icon and away you go.
Also, if your FTP session times out, when you save your changes will go to a local synchronisation folder. Just open the connection again and click the upload icon to re-sync. But normally saving will automatically upload the file.

Just installed it, and it's way handier, looks like I'll be using Notepad++ instead of Codelobster for remote editing from now on.
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