Hotel Listings - What to include?

Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by mneylon, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Thats fine by me, I dont really care if your site is a disaster. I mean your gona try and make a go of that site when there is companies spending 2mill+ a year on advertising and SEO to do with Irish Hotels, who have also been around for years. And hotels wont care about your site, when there making millions a year off the big Irish hotel rez companies. But funny enought I bet you still checked out what I suggested. :D

    Anyway best of luck with the site because you will need it. :)
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    Worked on something like this a few years ago

    Worked on something like this a few years ago well a tourist site with accommodation listings, for research I must have checked out hundreds of hotel / accommodation sites here is one of the better Irish ones ,Irish Hotel Network - All Ireland Hotels Directory . By the way the project was dropped by the client very early on not because of Internet connections , But Reservation Systems , Hoteliers we canvassed use third party booking agencies like Gulliver Ireland - online reservations system for hotels & accommodation suppliers gulliver will allow you to use the booking system on your site. don't know the cost though.
    while you are in check out the Advertising Costs ,Returns here are big so even paying gulliver or who ever may be worth the investment. Actually I still have that half finished project somewhere might just dust it down mmmmmmm.
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    How about a connectivity option, and then you can put the type of broadband they have or do not have... and maybe also if you have to pay extra or if its included in the room price, althought the only place I ever got free wifi was in Asia:D
  4. Forbairt

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    More and more hotels with coffee / bars ... are providing free wifi ...

    Allowing the people to fill it out isn't the best option either you want to tigh it down a bit more than that make it as simple for the end user as possible. Tick boxes preferably. Any level of complexity for them means more work for you.

    On a side note ...
    While I did like the icons shown on a website posted here a while ago ... there were WAY too many and it wasn't exactly clear without going through them all what they were.
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    Make sure you limit the number of times someone can give feedback (good/bad) by collecting email adresses/ip-number or something along that line...

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