How do I view my website as seen from another coutnry?

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I'm trying to view my website (or any website I suppose) as if I was in another country, but really just in the US and UK. I'm going to display the currency depending on country. I think I need to use a proxy but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've tried putting a proxy in internet explorer but when I try to load a page it displays a page from the site with the proxy. Is it possible to do this just by entering a proxy in the browser?


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Brilliant, thanks. The UK one is giving me an ip of which is showing up as in the US with the ip to country lookups I've tried.
Proxy Surfing

Hi guys,

There are many companies which provide proxy surfing. most of them are free (like hidemyass) but some of them are quite costly and it really depends what do you need it for...

I used to work with Media quite a lot and hence had some experience with few tools. Personally I used Geosurf proxy for QA since it is the most reliable, but for SERP check i used to buy a specific proxy and apply it with foxy proxy..