How to promote my Wordpress plugin

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Hello everyone,

few years ago I had some spare time on my hands and I have written Wordpress plugin Watermark RELOADED. Now I have taken things one step further and written successor called Watermark RELOADED Pro, witch has many more advanced features for watermarking images.

I have tried to promote the Pro version with AdWords, etc. but no success. So I think I have to promote the plugin to group of Wordpress users. So where I could find a community that would bring me some desired results.

If you have any suggestions on how to promote the plugin, I would appreciate it.
Why don't you partner with a suitable plugin provider, and give them a % of profit.
eg. all in one SEO carries advertising for other plugins.
Or with a Gallery plugin perhaps?
Good idea Katrina, it's a better idea if you work with an author that has already created a plugin but needs to add features to it. For sure its $$ if its a perfect product!
Wordpress plugin can be promote with ads and online marketing. Tie up with various wings will provide you more profit and it will easy to promote your plugin.